LABMET, has diversified into Metals Division, starting our production and export operations since 2002. Likewise, LABMET has ventured into the international market for non-ferrous scrap metals, such as copper, brass, steel, aluminum, and their corresponding alloys; counting with operations that involve the procurement, collection, melting for their further trading and exportation.

Our export operations extend to 20 destinations across different regions: China, South Korea, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and Russia in Asia and Eurasia; Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands in Europe; lastly, the United States and Brazil in America. However, our operating horizon is constantly expanding.

Throughout the supply chain, our operations are governed by strict principles of quality, continuous improvement and value creation.

About Us

Consolidate and lead the national market as the top international choice in the commercialization of precious and non- ferrous metals, expanding the number and scope of our operations; offering competitive prices, differentiation and constantly improving our quality assurance.

Establish ourselves as a highly competitive company, strengthening and innovating at the forefront of our infrastructure at the national level.
Renew ourselves according to the international scenario, to anticipate and efficiently meet the needs of our customers.
Achieve a greater and growing participation in the international markets for the sale of precious and non-ferrous metals.


Guide and inspire capable people, with initiative to excel.

Focus the company's efforts in order to achieve excellence, continuous improvement and transmits it upon the client.

Our lines of action are founded on the pillars of honesty, loyalty and responsibility.


  • Induction furnaces of 500kg and 1 Tn.
  • Spectrometry equipment.
  • Digital scales with a capacity of 50 tons.
  • Lift truck.
  • Extruder / Briquetting Press.
  • Compactor.
  • ROLL-OFF Trucks.

  • We are regulated under ISO 9001:2015 Certification standards.
  • Contamos con Certificación ISO 9001:2015.
  • Collection Permit: Small Waste Generators (Secretariat of the Environment and Natural Resources).
  • We embrace the Certificate of Destination Final Disposal of Hazardous Waste.
  • Aligned and in compliance with Civil Protection.
  • Compliance with the standard with the Occupational Health and Safety Regulatory Framework (Secretaría del Trabajo y Previsión Social).